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We're very excited to announce that we have begun pre-production on our third feature film, Dead End 3, in the trilogy.

We've nearly completed our current feature film entitled "Dead End 2", which is sequel to Dead End. We are projecting it's release sometime this October.


Welcome to the home of Dead Sea Productions, House Arrest Entertainment and Phobia Films.

We're proud to bring you quality independent films. Our staff is hard at work to continue raising the bar in terms of quality and presentation value.

Founded in 2008 by a small group of passionate filmmakers. We started out doing a couple of Shorts then moved on to produce feature films.

Our first feature film was a crime suspense thriller entitled "Chasing Shadows" (2009). Followed by a raunchy goofy comedy film entitled "20 Year Old Virgins" (2011). We shifted gears on our third feature film to produce a crime suspense feature entitled "Double Deception" (2013). This takes us to our most current completed project. This time we completely shifted direction to produce a supernatural suspense horror film entitled "DEAD END: TERROR HAS A NEW MASK" (2014).

We were overwhelmed with the positive response we received from our viewers. It was unlike anything we have seen previously. The response and feedback has prompted us to our work-in-progress project of producing the sequel to DEAD END, currently in pre-production. We're hoping to begin shooting in January 2015.