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When reporter Tina Tanaka is assigned the case to cover a school shooting, she had no idea what terror she was embarking on. To help find and stop the killer she would take conjuring up the forsaken souls from beyond. $12.95

A coming-of-age film about two dim-witted 20-year-old roommates, Gene & Eugene, and their quest to lose their virginity. Their new plans to do so hit yet another snag when they must deal with their bullying neighbor Rock and Gene's condescending brother Mike, who uninvitedly moves in after breaking up with his girlfriend. Will their persistence pay off or lead them back to the drawing board. A light-hearted, raunchy comedy movie that's cross between American Pie and Dumb & Dumber. $9.95

Ed Sakimoto never expected things to turn out the way they did when his simple plan to party with a couple of call girls turns disastrous. After realizing that his very private safe was stolen from him, who's contents may have detrimental consequences, he stops at nothing to get it back before anyone has a chance to discover its contents. His carelessness and trust in certain people he considered close would prove nearly fatal. The lives of six people would never be the same when deception, greed and lies unravel on this one night. $9.95

Chasing Shadows is a psychological thriller about three friends caught in a battle of good and evil at a time where they have come to full realization that someone needs to stand up for the weak in order to counter-balance society's accepted misconduct. Even if it requires them to take the law into their own hands. A decision that may have dire consequences not only for them but those whom they encounter. An original plot that will have you back-tracking and piecing it together at the end. $9.95